2 iPad Apps To Turn Your Mac Off Remotely

Many iPad or iPhone users also have a Mac. Macs are not cheap, but they do offer a lot of value for the money. Apple devices do work well with each other. Besides, there are plenty of apps that allow you to control your Mac and get things done remotely on your iOS device. Here are 2 apps that let you turn off your Mac from your iPad:


iShutdown HD: lets you shutdown, sleep, restart, and wake on LAN your Mac or PC. It automatically detects hosts, but you can add them manually.

off remote

Off Remote: a premium app that lets you turn off, lock, log off, and restart a PC or Mac from your iOS device. You can control all your computers on your home network. The app offers password protection for your security.

Have you found better apps to turn Macs or PCs on or off? Please share them here.

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