In the past few months, we have had a chance to test many brainwave applications. These apps are great for those who have trouble sleeping, focusing, or staying calm. The problem with most of these apps is that their buyers only need a small selection of the sounds they offer. Brainwaves for iPad uses a different type of business model. It lets you pick up only the sounds that you need.

Brainwaves may be a free application but it does offer 50+ brainwave recordings for you to sample. The interface is quite simple to figure out. The timer feature lets you control the length of your sessions. You get a 10 minute brainwave recording for relaxation with the free version. Brainwaves’ built-in store gives you access to beats for deep sleep, lucid dreaming, positive mindset, and a whole lot more. You only pay for what you want to try.

Brainwaves does not require you to be experienced in this field to get started. We tried the Deep Sleep program. The quality of sound is quite powerful. You may want to use a high quality speaker or pair of headphones to get the most out of its beats. Some of the files are quite large and take some time to download. If you have had success with brainwave apps in the past, you may want to give Brainwaves for iPad a look. You only pay for what you need.

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