Utility iPad Apps


Animation Desk

Creating animations is a good way to capture ideas and brainstorm. If you do this for a living, you know..


These days, people are spending more time doing things on their tablets. That does not mean desktop computers are dead…

Radio for iPad

While it is true that radio has stiff competition in television and other entertainment sources, it is still a great..


Many iPad owners don’t type a whole lot on their tablets and don’t necessarily need a code editor. But if..

Mandala HD

Apple iPad can be used to play games, watch movies, read books, and even crunch numbers. It gives you multiple..


Apple iPad is capable of handling all types of tasks. In some cases, iPad owners will have to pick up..


If you use your iPad on a daily basis, there is a good chance you store videos and photos on..

PC Monitor

Many people struggling keeping up with one computer. Then there are some people who will have to deal with multiple..

Image Searcher Pro

The iPad may not have its own camera, but people still use their tablet to store their image and screen-shots…