ForeFlight Mobile HD

There is more to iPad apps than just games. While your Apple tablet is a great gaming device, it does have its benefits for the pros as well. Whether you are a lawyer, a medical student, or an engineer, your tablet can be a life-saver of a tool for you in certain situations. Take ForeFlight Mobile HD. It’s a powerful flight planner for pilots that lets them prepare for and get their flights done in a more effective fashion.

ForeFlight Mobile HD is considered to be one of the best apps made specifically for pilots. It covers 220+ countries and includes all kinds of technical information that pilots would need to make better decisions. It gives pilots access to over 15K procedures and charts and lets them use these offline or online.

ForeFlight Mobile HD servers can store your flight plans and make your life easier. As long as you have your subscription going, you will have no trouble downloading region-specific information to your tablet. ForeFlight does let you draw your routes on your maps, which is a big plus.

ForeFlight Mobile HD is free and has a ton of useful features for pilots. The app does require a subscription (one year plans go for $74.99 at this point). If you are a pilot, you should take a look at this app.

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