Garble Reader for iOS

People send a ton of SMS messages from their mobile devices these days. Plain text messages are easy to read, so you won’t be able to hide them from your parents, employer, or partner. That’s where Garble SMS comes into play. It is a handy tool that enables you to keep your messages secret from others. In order to make sense of Garbled text, you are going to need a client. Garble Reader helps with that.

Garbled Reader is a simple tool that unGarbles messages send to you from someone using the Garble SMS application. The messages are kept private from others but you can use this client to make sense of them. You can transmit Garble messages using text or SMS. All you have to do is provide this app with scrambled messages. In order to create those messages, you are going to need the paid Garble SMS app.

Garble Reader is perfect for those who don’t want to necessarily send scrambled messages but would like to be able to open them. It has a very simple interface but makes the process of reading Garbled SMS messages easy on your iPhone or iPad.

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