Garden Pro HD

Gardening and planting your own flowers is not only a nice way to use your time, it can help you relax and get over your stressful days. Not everyone can be a decent gardener though. But you can always take your game to the next level by doing some studying and learning the tricks. Garden Pro HD may help. It contains a ton of useful information on flowers and plants to help gardeners get their work done properly and bring up healthy products.

Having Garden Pro HD on your iPad is like having your own assistant gardener in your hands. It covers hundreds of species you can go through without being connected to the Internet. The app includes photos, so you know exactly what you are dealing with. Knowing about these plants is one thing. Actually figuring out how to bring them up effectively is a whole other story. Garden Pro HD does cover the light, water, soil, and climate requirements for each plant to make your life easier.

Gardening is not a one step process. You can’t just plant your seeds and get all the job done in one night. This app does have a powerful to-do list feature to help you keep track of your tasks and follow up on them at the right time. You will also learn how to deal with different types of pests and insects that could damage your plants and flowers.

Garden Pro HD is a life saver for novice and experienced gardeners. Who needs a gardening book when you can use this app to search among hundreds of species, learn how to deal with pests, and bring up your plants properly every time. It is very well done.

Rating: 90/100

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