Gridditor for iPad

Everyone who has been taking photos seriously knows that your job is not always done as soon as you capture a photo. Sometimes, you need to apply filters and effects to your photos to boost them. There are many desktop applications that make that possible. Gridditor for iPad is an exciting app that lets you apply effects to your photos more conveniently.

The Gridditor app is a very user-friendly photo editor. It shows you 4 filters at any given time, so you can make editing decisions more easily. The Gridditor lets you see the effects of applying multiple filters to boost your creativity. A number of awesome filters are included in the app, including B&W, desaturation, Sepia tone, shadows, and monochrome.

Gridditor does require iOS 6 to work fine. The app did crash on us a couple of times but it has a lot going for it. It is quite a useful photo editor.

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