7 Cool iPad Apps for The Classroom

Most of us have had to attend school at some point. The more advanced your classes get and the more hectic your schedule becomes, the more trouble you will have keeping up with your class work. These 7 iPad apps can help you keep up with your classes more easily:

inClass for iPhone: it helps you stay on top of your school schedule no matter how hectic it is. It is a great note taking tool too.

Audiotorium Notes: one of the best note taking applications on the market. It supports audio and text notes. It works with Dropbox too.

Evernote Peek: this cool app uses your Evernote’s notes to help you master the courses you are taking. It is great for exam preparation.

Class Timetable: don’t want to be late to your classes or miss important ones altogether? This app is worth checking out.

Student Pad: an all in one application that lets you read books, draw diagrams, take notes, and manage your documents on your iPad.

Amazon Student: college textbooks are not cheap by any means. That does not mean you should pay more than you have to for them. This app can help you save money on your books.

Calculator LCD for iPad: a simple to use and large calculator for iPad. It comes handy when you need to deal with basic math.

Thanks to these apps for iPad, you will have an easier time surviving your classes.

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