Learn About Stars & Planets on iPad: 5 Apps

Our species has been fascinated with stars and planets for a very long time. Learning about these objects is now easier than ever before. There are so many great tools and interactive apps that can help you become more educated about the objects in the sky even if you don’t have a background in science. Here are 5 iPad apps that can teach you a thing or two about astronomy:

star chart

Star Chart: acts as a virtual star chart on your device. Just point your device at the sky and the app will use augmented reality to show you what you are looking at.

Luminos: a premium astronomy application that provides detailed data on objects in the sky. You can fly through space, identify stars, watch satellites, and do a whole lot more with Luminos. It also covers history, mythology , and other useful info about your favorite objects.

Sky Guide: a beautiful iOS application that helps you find stars, constellations, planets, and satellites on your device. It has sounds and gorgeous graphics to enrich your experience.

Solar Walk: has been one of our favorite astronomy apps for a very long time.  It provides you with a 3D solar system model with information about all planets. You can use it with your Apple TV to get a better experience.


NASA App: a free application that brings images, videos, mission information, and other NASA related news to your iOS device.

You don’t have to be a scientist to want to learn more about planets and stars. The above apps help you learn more about them in an interactive fashion.

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