5 Mind-Blowing & Trippy Apps for iPad

We have tested plenty of awesome iPhone and iPad applications on AppFinders in the past couple of years. There are many creative developers around these days. Once in a while, you simply see apps that blow your mind. Here are 5 iPad apps that are mind-blowingly cool and entertaining:

Frax HD: a beautiful application that lets you experiment with fractals and create your own super cool posters.


Silk: an amazing application for creating mesmerizing works of art on your iPhone and iPad. You can create cool wallpapers with this.

starry night

Starry Night Interactive Animation: lets you interact with the Starry Night painting on your iPad. You can zoom, create your own variations, and enjoy the ambient music while doing so.


Gravilocity: a beautiful particle manipulation app for your device. You can pinch, zoom, or touch the screen with multiple fingers to see cool effects. It supports VGA out too.


Hypnosketch: a reactive drawing app for iPad. It has everything you need to create trippy sketch arts on your device. You can manipulate audio, change brushes, and textures to produce better work.

The above apps are not only cool but very entertaining to play around with. Have you found better ones? Please share them here.

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