7 Awesome Paleo Diet Apps for iPad

You can’t expect to lose weight and keep it off by just working out. Those who have had success doing that are also on the right type of diet. Many folks have had success with the Paleo Diet. This diet mimics the diets of our cavemen ancestors but does include meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Getting used to this diet could take some time. These 7 Paleo Diet apps for iPad can help you stay on the right track:

Nom Nom Paleo: an awesome application that brings 128 paleo recipes to your iPad. It has simple-to-follow instructions, with tips, shortcuts, and other useful information.

Paleo Diet Pro
: cover overs 300 food recipes for this type of diet. All meal types are included. You can easily filter through the content to find what works for you.

FastPaleo for iPad: lets you to browse over 2200 recipes in 19 categories. You can search through recipes by title, category, author, and other factors.

primal paleo

Primal Paleo: offers you paleo recipes and lets you know whether you are dealing with primal foods.


iWOD Fitness: provides you with workouts but also has weekly Paleo recipes to keep you on the right track with your diet.


Is This Food Primal?: gives you a simple yes or no answer if you are not too sure whether the food you are about to have fits your diet.

primal smoothies

Primal Smoothies: contains over 90 primal/paleo smoothies recipes for you to make at home. It comes with full list of ingredients and pictures.

Have you found better Paleo diet apps for iPad? Please add them below.

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