Apple iPad may be a shiny device but that does not mean that you’d have to be “cool” to get the most out of it. Scientists, engineers, and everybody in between can get value out of this device. Papers is a powerful iPad application that is designed for those who want to use their iPad as a learning and research tool. It gives you access to a library of science on the go and saves you time too.

Papers has a beautiful interface and takes full advantage of iPad’s large screen to give researchers all the tools they need to get on with their work on the road. You can browse through article, organize, and rate works easily using Papers. The PDF viewer integrated in this app is pretty solid and can handle annotations too.

Papers has plenty of built-in search engines that gives you access to articles in ACM, arXiv, JSTOR, and a few other sources. You can synchronize your work with your Mac client too (and import them via e-mail or through iTunes).

The app does take a bit of space. It may need some tweaks too to make things more convenient with researchers. It may not be a cheap app, but it’s pretty useful for scientists and researchers.


beautiful interface, search capabilityneeds minor interface tweaks

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