PC Monitor

Many people struggling keeping up with one computer. Then there are some people who will have to deal with multiple computers and servers. Managing multiple servers can become quite a hassle without the right tools. PC Monitor is a handy iPad application that allows you to manage multiple PCs and servers using secure connections on your tablet.

PC Monitor allows users to keep up with their machines and their resources on iPhone and iPad. Users can track:

  • uptime status for multiple machines
  • local hard drive information
  • memory available on each machine
  • scheduled tasks and their status
  • logged in users
  • and much more

Users can also start and stop services remotely using this PC Monitor. For instance, you can use PC monitor to start, shut down, or wake up your computer. If you must, you can log off any logged-in user on your systems.

Connections are made using SSL, which is a must. Up to 5 PCs can be tracked in this app. It can send you notifications as well (e.g. when your computer is shut down).

PC Monitor is a simple-to-use and effective tool for those of you needing to manage multiple computers and servers on the go. Quite an effective tool for home or business use.

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