Pocket Doctor

Many of us have to deal with unexpected health issues from time to time. Most of these issues are not serious enough for people to visit a doctor for. Not every pain or symptom is serious. At the same time, it is always nice to have a tool to research symptoms and find what could be wrong in these situations. That’s where Pocket Doctor comes into play. It won’t replace your doctor but it can help you get a preliminary diagnoses and give your doctor a heads up about your problems.

Pocket Doctor is like your personal research tool on diseases and their symptoms. It has a wealth of information on these topics and shows you how you can treat certain diseases. The app has information on drugs and their prices too.

Don’t have a doctor? Maybe you are looking for a new doctor in your area. Pocket Doctor can find you doctors in your area. It can dig up medical offers and discounts in your city as well.

Pocket Doctor won’t replace a doctor. If you are in serious pain or are experiencing major issues, you probably want to visit your doctor right away. For less serious issues, it can give you a preliminary diagnosis and find you drugs or treatments for your condition. What’s not to like?

Rating: 85/100

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