There are a lot of people who feel comfortable giving presentations from the top of their head. Then there are some that use flash or cue cards or notes to remind themselves of those most important points during their presentations. If you have your iPad with you, you can always use Prompster for your tablet to help you get through a tough presentation, without needing any additional tool.

Whether you are interested in practicing hard before giving your presentations or need a tool to give you confidence during the real thing, Prompster can help. For starters, Prompster lets you record your sessions to see if you get everything right. You can use this feature to improve your game significantly.

I like the fact that you can record multiple takes and compare them. If you need additional help after all your practice, Prompster can act as your mini teleprompter. You can define the speed of scrolling text on your device. The font size can be modified too.

Prompster is a teleprompter app for steroids. It’s a great public speak training tool and can be used to give presentations and other kinds of speaking performances (certainly beats having to play with voice recorders and tapes). The design is quite attractive too. Great tool to give you confidence for your next public talk.

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