Red Onion Tor Powered Browser for iPad

Many of us would love to keep our privacy intact while visiting websites. It is not always possible when you are using a regular browser. Tor can be your best friend. You are just going to need a solution that fully supports that. Red Onion for iPhone and iPad is a decent browser that lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously.

red onion

Red Onion lets you access the Internet using the Tor network. Websites don’t see your real IP address. It also auto cleans cookies on exit. You get convenient features such as tabbed browsing and Do Not Track. Red Onion supports websites on the dark net. You get user-agent spoofing, ad-blocking, and a password lock. A file manager is also included.

red onion

Red Onion has a clean user interface. It is available for iPhone and iPad. More importantly, it is stable and supports Tor. You can get it for under $1.

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