SSH Term Pro

Those of you who have managed your own server in the past know the importance of having SSH enabled for your account. There are many cool and essential things you can get done through a SSH connection. SSH Term Pro is a handy tool that lets you make SSH connections from your iPhone or iPad. It supports all editors like vi and pico and works with any server that supports SSH2.

SSH Term Pro does not have a super fancy user interface but gives you everything you need to get things done through your terminal. It supports all major text editors. You can connect to your account using passwords and RSA keys. SSH Term Pro works in portrait and landscape formats. You can manage an unlimited number of connections with this.

SSH Term Pro supports up and down arrow keys and many others. You also get Control, Tab, Alt, Esc, and F keys. Copying content from terminal is allowed too. If you need a SSH app to use your iPad, SSH Term Pro is well worth checking out. It has a lot going for it.

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