Sudoku Tablet for iPad

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games around. It may not be high paced as some of those action games, but it does challenge your brain and make you sharper. It also makes a great game for those who are constantly traveling or spend time on the road. Sudoku Tablet for iPad is a free application for your handheld device that lets you get all Sudoku you need on the go.

Playing Sudoku on iPhone can be quite fun. In fact, there are plenty of innovative apps available on iPhone that let their owners take pictures of their favorite Sudoku puzzle and have it transferred to their phone. The iPad may not have a camera but it does have a whole lot of real estate for you to work with. Sudoku tablet takes advantage of that to bring you a more fun experience. You can play different types of Sudoku games on your iPad with Sudoku tablet.Sudoku, Sudoku X, Sudoku Plus, and Samurai Sudoku are all covered.

You can create pencil marks by tapping on fields or have the app create it for you. You can also enter your own puzzles in newspaper mode. If you are stuck, you can always use the hint system to help you get on your way. There are a few convenient features that make life easier when playing Sudoku. for instance, the row and column highlighting can be quite helpful.

Overall, I found the app to be quite dynamic and solid. You can enhance its capabilities through an InApp purchase as well. The interface is intuitive and very convenient.  We did see a few crashes when testing the app, but it’s nothing that can be fixed with an update. The app is free, so that’s a plus.

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