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Tangled 2 XL

We have all heard of those so-called impossible iPad games before. A lot of developers use those words to sell..

Compass HD

Having a compass with you when you are outdoors can be quite helpful. Those who know how to use a..


Astronomy apps are quite popular among iPhone owners. More so among iPad owners as the large screen makes it much..


N.O.V.A, one of the most popular action games for iPhone, has now made its way to iPad. It’s a 3D..


If you have tackled brain teasers in the past, you have probably seen those challenging problems that require you to..

Wired Magazine

Remember how the iPad was expected to revolutionize the publishing industry and help newspapers and magazines increase their revenue and..

Motionx GPS HD

Whether you own a 3G iPad or just want to find your way around with the help your WiFi iPad,..