Ultimate Running Races for iPad

Running for fitness can be a lot of fun. Many of us do it on a regular basis to burn calories and keep our body in a better shape. Extreme running is a whole other animal though. It can be a more challenging and gratifying experience. Ultimate Running Races for iPad is a cool app that brings 500 running races from around the world. You can search through races and see statistics for each race.


Ultimate Running Races not only brings you many interesting races, including some extreme ones, it also has details on each, so you can plan more effectively. The app lets you track the races you have run and your time. You can share your results on Facebook and Twitter. Direct link to official race websites are included. Maps and full race routes are included where available.

ultimate running race

Ultimate Running Races is a decent app to try for those of you serious about running. It has various categories of races, some of which you will find very challenging. Make sure you are fit enough to try some of these races. The app did crash on us a few times which is unfortunate.

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  • Aimer Media

    Thanks very much for the review – could you send us any details on the crashing you experienced. We haven’t had any similar feedback so would like to make sure that this isn’t something we missed!

    • Cyrus

      Sure. We are going to do a video review and will see if the issue happens again. I’ll let you know if this comes up. Could it be that we used an iPad 2? I am not sure.

      • Aimer Media

        Great news about the video review. I was tested on the iPad 2 but you never know…

        • Cyrus

          We do most of our tests on iPad 2/3 because we use the same device to do videos. So if there are issues, we catch it before doing the video. It’s one of those things. I’ll update this when our video review is done.