Way of Dreams

Every one of us dreams at nights. Some of us can actually remember our dreams better than others. But interpreting those dreams is not an easy task. Dream dictionary apps such as Way of Dreams could provide you some hints on what your subconscious could be telling you. It contains thousands of terms and plenty of background information to give you the tools you need to make sense of your dreams.

Way of Dreams is a comprehensive dream dictionary that saves you time looking up your dreams. It has over 3000 terms for you to go through to pinpoint the potential meaning of your dreams. Way of Dreams not only provides you with explanations for each symbol, it offers you hyperlinks to other related terms to help you gain a better understanding of your dream. Just describe your dream and Way of Dreams will go to work for you.

Way of Dreams is not a fortune cookie app. It is a high quality work that aims to help users gain a better understanding of the symbols they see in their dreams. But each symbol could have a different meaning depending on dreamers’ association with them.

Interpreting dreams is not always a straight-forward process. Scientists still don’t know too much about that state. Apps such as Way of Dreams can offer you an opening into what your dreams could mean. Let’s not forget that interpreting dreams can be pretty entertaining. Way of Dreams has a lot of potential. It looks clean and does contain a wealth of information. We would love to see more terms included in this app. Support for term combinations would be nice too. Still, Way of Dreams is a cool tool to interpret dreams with.

Rating: 90/100

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  • Sheng lee

    Similar to this App I also like Morpheus Dreams which really is the most comprehensive Dream journal and interpretation App on the iTunes.

    The App allows you to easily record dreams, sync across devices, interpret as you write, and identify favorite or recurring themes and iamges. The dictionary has been composed de novo through a careful curation and recompilation of the most valuable dream interpretations published throughout history: from Artemidorus, to Freud, Jung, Hasse and selected others. Morpheus is the first and only App to offer a comprehensive and cohesive set of interpretations based on the foundational work in the field, not a simple rehash.

    Finally, you’re never locked in as you’re always able to export your whole journal in text format and move on which makes the App worth investing the time. The $1.99 price is incredibly cheap for such a useful app to anyone interested in dreams, whether you use the journal or the dictionary alone