5 Back Workout Apps for iPad & iPhone

Whether you are dealing with back pain all the time or want to build a more well-balanced body, you need to have back exercises in your workout routine. These 5 iPad apps help you build a stronger back:


Bodybuilding- Back Exercises: helps you get fit and tone your back. It has an extensive exercise database with HD photos, videos, and muscle images.

back workout

Ladies’ Back Workout HD: provides you with a set of workouts to help you get fit and strengthen your body. Videos for each exercise are included.


Runtastic Pull Ups Trainer PRO: helps you build a stronger back and prepares your body for more consecutive pull-ups. You get voice coaching, a pull up counter, and a timer.


xFit Back Workout: it has 30 exercises, 9 workouts, and detailed instructions (with detailed animations). You can set reminders and create your own custom workout.


Back Trainer: has over 100 back exercises you can do at home and on the go. You are provided with photos, videos, and animations for workouts. It has routines specific to you and your equipment.

These apps help you improve your workout routine with back exercises. As long as you have time to do the moves, they have enough content to help you strengthen your back.

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