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Blackbar for iPad

Blackbar for iPad

We have covered some very exciting iPad games here. Considering that most iPhone and iPad users use their gadgets to..

63 Logic Games

We all have those boring days. It could happen at work or when you are waiting for an appointment. Having..

Digitron for iPad

There are plenty of silly games available in the app store for download. Math puzzles can be quite fun and..

Untangled HD

Those of us who have to deal with computers and a ton of electronics on a daily basis have had..

Ancient Puzzles HD

Apple iPad may be a powerful entertainment device. But iPad owners can also use their tablet to keep their brain..

Cogs HD

Playing those action and adventure games on iPad can be entertaining. But sometimes you want to get your feet wet..


Block puzzles have been around for ever. Moving off blocks to open the way for a specific one sounds easy..

Tangled 2 XL

We have all heard of those so-called impossible iPad games before. A lot of developers use those words to sell..