To-Do iPad Apps


2 Days To-Do App

We all would love to get more things done everyday. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours available in each day ..

Task and Cal

We all want to be as productive as possible everyday. Unfortunately, you only get 24 hours in each day to..

Conqu for iPad

Many of us multi-task everyday to get everything we need to get done finished on time. If you are taking..

Voodo Task Book

Many successful folks practice GTD method to improve their level of productivity and focus. There are only 24 hours everyday,..

Pomodoro App

Learning how to manage time better is essential for anyone who intends to become more productive and get more done..


What makes a perfect task manager? A task manager that is simple-to-use, has a decent interface, and stays out of..

Todo for iPad

The iPhone is a great device for individuals and business professionals. In some ways, the iPad has even more to..


When we picked up the iPad for testing the latest iPad applications on the market, we never thought there’d be..