Touch Colors

Those of you who have worked as designers have had to work with color picker tools. Colors have meanings. Using the wrong color in your designs could sink your project whereas the right color could take your business to a whole new level. Top designers have perfected this art. Touch Colors won’t make you an expert in colors but it will give you a tool to test various colors and find the ones that apply to your project the best.

Touch Colors is a simple-to-use tool that makes it easy for you to find the perfect colors for your project. You can create colors using RGB, HSB, and CMYK color models. Of course, if you have trouble finding the right color, you can use your existing photos to find the best combination of colors for your work.

Touch Colors is more than just a color picker. You can capture photos using this application and snag their colors. So everytime that you take your iPhone with you, you have the opportunity to find and capture new color ideas for your work. The app does have simple controls so you can experiment with your color combinations.

Touch Colors is the perfect tool for graphic artists, color enthusiasts, website designers, and anyone having to deal with colors on a daily basis. It saves you time finding the right color for your project.

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