401k Calculator

It is almost never too late to start planning out your retirement (unless you are already at that age with no plan). Your 401k saving plans can play a big role towards helping you reach your retirement goal faster. The 401k Calculator is a nice little tool that shows you how much your retirement account will be worth when you decide to retire. It could also show you how to make the right investments to get to your goal faster.

The 401k Calculator app lets you compare the difference between contributing to a 401k account and an after-tax saving account. It displays totals for each and provides supports for company match and tax savings information too. The app has convenient sliders you can play around with to find out how much you need to contribute to retire on time.

The 401k Calculator app charts your data and lets you email your results to yourself or others. The UI is pretty decent too. The app provides useful information on savings account, which is great for beginners. Overall, a pretty decent savings calculator to play around with.

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