5 Minute Yoga HD

We all lead hectic lives. Sometimes, the stress of keeping up with everything that goes around us can be too much. That’s where Yoga comes in. Yoga can not only help you become healthier, it can reduce your stress and let you increase your focus in your daily life. You don’t have to be in a certain shape to get started with Yoga. You just got to have the determination for it. 5 Minute Yoga HD is a cool iPad app that can help you get there. It has a library of exercises for short Yoga sessions that you can take advantage of to start or finish your way in a relaxed manner.

5 Minute Yoga HD has over 350 sessions for you to learn from. It has illustrations to help you do your poses the right way. The instructions are handy, though you can probably learn more by just looking at the pictures. The app does have a timer, so you can stay on time with your sessions (you don’t want to spend all your days doing Yoga, do you?).

5 Minute Yoga HD allows you to play your own music during your sessions. The app can work in both portrait and landscape mode, so you can use this app even if you are using an iPad mount.

5 Minute Yoga HD has a lot of potential. The illustrations and instructions are easy to use. But the app would be even better with video instructions, animations, and video tips. As it is, it won’t make you a Yoga master. It’s still pretty instructive for a quick Yoga session in the morning or late at night.

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