Acceleread for iPad

We all want to accomplish more every day. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in each day. You don’t want to push yourself real hard and burn your brain out in the process. Learning how to read faster can save you time doing your research, learning new things, or keeping up with your favorite books. Acceleread for iPad is a sophisticated application that aims to make you a more effective, faster reader.

Acceleread teaches you techniques that will improve your level of effectiveness when reading paper or digital material.  The more you practice with it, the more you can improve your capacity to absorb more words in less time. Acceleread is designed to undo your bad reading habits too.

The training center has 5 exercises for users to take advantage of:

  • Word Flash: by flashing words on your screen, this tool teaches you how to read words in groups rather than individually.
  • Diamond Highlighter: improves your concentration and flexibility by improving your vision span.
  • Column Highlighter: displays words in multiple columns, giving you the chance to practice fast reading.
  • Hopscotch: in this mode, words jump across your screen, improving your eye movements in the process.
  • Sight Stretcher: enhances your peripheral vision and teaches you how to read larger groups of words without losing focus.

What’s nice about Acceleread is the fact that you can change its settings as you improve. You will always have a way to push yourself and improve.

Acceleread improves your reading comprehension and helps you focus more on what you are reading. The Guided Course section is a great way to get started with this app. But first you will have to test your current reading speed. Once you have a baseline, this app will provide you with tools and training to improve your skills.

Not too sure about the whole idea of speed reading? You can learn a lot about it in The Science section. It has information on what speed reading is all about and how one can become an effective reader. Of course, you could always just take a quick speed test if you feel confident about your skills.

If you are tired of being a slow reader, Acceleread for iPad could be what you need to get more reading done everyday. It has a number of powerful tools and exercises that will make you a better, faster reader. Its settings are highly adjustable too. We would love to be able to challenge others and have more fun reading tools in this app. Nevertheless, this is a great effort by the developers.

Rating: 90/100

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