Many of us lead hectic lives. In a perfect world, we all would be able to remember everything we need to do on a daily basis. Having the ability to recall details of things happening at a certain date or event would be nice too. Taking notes and keeping a to-do list can help people stay on the right track at all times. ActionNotes marries these two tools. It is a cool note taking application that embeds a decent to-do feature.

ActionNotes has a beautiful look and feel to it. It allows you to add your notes easily. Users can always highlight the most important parts of their notes. The app has 6 color coded sections to help users manage their notes in a more productive fashion. ActionNotes would not be complete without Action Points. This is essentially where you get to keep up with your tasks (to-do list).

ActionNotes has many uses for the pros. It can be used as a brainstorming tool or a meeting notes keeper. Professional looking e-mails can be sent through this app as well. We did have some trouble editing our action points. The app did crash on us a couple of times. The concept is solid and the product looks gorgeous. With its bugs fixed, the app would have a huge potential.

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