Alien Blue HD

Reddit is one of the oldest social news websites around. It has a vibrant community behind it and has a large loyal following. If you are into keeping up with the latest news or just want to see what others find interesting on the Internet, Reddit is the place to be. Alien Blue HD is a fun application that lets you enjoy Reddit content on your iPad.

Alien Blue HD is designed to take full advantage of your iPad’s large screen. It has a beautiful interface and lets you get more out of stories on your tablet. It lets you go through your posts, subscriptions, and favorite stories easily. It has 2 modes (one for day and one for night), though more skins would be nice.

Alien Blue HD not only lets you keep track of your stories, it also keeps you on top of your subreddits. It provides support for Instapaper and Read It Later. Alien Blue HD is more than just a reader. You can use it to leave and edit your comments on Reddit.

Alien Blue HD is a powerful Reddit application for iPad that helps you stay on top of Reddit stories. It can be used to save content to your iPad too. A wonderful app to own if you are a Reddit fan.

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