Anatomy 3D: Organs

Whether you are a medical student or taking an advanced human biology class, you are going to have to get yourself familiar with human organs and how they work. You can always refer to your college or reference book to find out more about our organs. Perhaps the better way is to use apps such as Anatomy 3D. Anatomy 3D: Organs provides you with 3D models, video, lectures, and all kinds of information to help you master this topic more effectively.

Anatomy 3D: Organs has high quality 3D models and information on major human organs such as kidneys, liver, longs, heart, and brain. This tool has 26 models to get you started. The audio lectures describe what each organ does. Anatomy 3D has a ton of diagrams you can interact with to learn more about each organ.

Anatomy 3D: Organs has a few videos that show you how each organ works. The glossary is useful if you need to find out more about a specific topic. This application may not contain everything you need to know about human organs but it can give you a crash course.

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