Ancient Puzzles HD

Apple iPad may be a powerful entertainment device. But iPad owners can also use their tablet to keep their brain cells moving too. Ancient Puzzles HD is a fun puzzle application that let you do just that. It contains over 12 classic puzzles that you can play anytime to kill time and keep your brain sharp early in the morning or late at night.

Ancient Puzzles HD contains puzzles that can test your focus and problem solving skills. It contains brain teasers and crunchers that do not get old easily. Tower of Hanoi, Coin Weight, Seesaw, Water Jars, and Number Slide are just a few puzzles that can challenge you and test your skills. You do not even need a network connection to play these games.

Some of these puzzles can be quite challenging. It would be nice if the app also focused on teaching people how to solve these problems faster. Still, Ancient Puzzles is a wonderful collection of brain games that can kill time like no other game.

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