Audubon Mushrooms

A fan of mushrooms much? You can always pick up books on mushrooms to learn more about all types of mushrooms out there. These days paper books are not the only option available to you. Apps such as Audubon Mushrooms can help you find out all kinds of information about mushrooms right on your iPad.

Audubon Mushrooms covers over 550 species of mushrooms and fungi. It has a great selection of photos that help you get a better sense of what each species is all about. The information included about each species is pretty awesome too.

The search functionality in this app is pretty powerful. This makes it much easier to identify something that you have seen when spending time outdoors. You can also browse through mushrooms by shape or by name. The app does allow you to record your sightings and add your notes.

Audubon Mushrooms beats any regular mushroom book. It’s easy to use and has a ton of information for mushroom lovers. It’s quite well designed.

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