7 Awesome Apps for Molecular Modeling in Chemistry

There are plenty of awesome chemistry apps around these days. We have already covered plenty of them for students. Most of those cover the basics of chemistry. If you need more advanced apps to handle molecular modeling, these 7 iPad app are worth checking out:

iSpartan: one of the best molecular modeling apps we have tested. The app converts 2 dimensional sketches to 3-dimensional structures.

Mobile Molecular DataSheet: a sophisticated application that lets you view and edit chemical structure diagrams on your phone. The app comes with template libraries too.

Molecules: a free application you can use to view 3-dimensional renderings of molecules on your iPhone. You can download them from multiple sources.

iMolview: you can use this application to browse and view protein and DNA structures in 3D.

MolPrime: another app you can use to draw chemical structures and open them from the web.

ChemDoodle Mobile: ChemDoodle lets you draw structures. It can handle your calculations too.

3D Molecules Edit&Drill: lets you assemble model for any organic or inorganic compound. This could serve as a useful learning tool.

Which one of these chemistry apps are you impressed with the most?

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