Best Prompter Pro

Not everyone has to do presentations in their daily jobs. But if you are a teacher, a businessman, or a lecturer, you are going to have to master the art of presenting to be successful. Some of us are just natural when it comes to doing presentations or giving lectures. For those who are not, apps such as Best Prompter Pro can be a life saver. Best Prompter Pro can not only help you practice your presentation, it can make you more confident for your future gigs.

Best Prompter Pro supports multiple text sizes, colors, and … It is more than capable of replacing your presentation notes. I love the fact you can record your presentations and go through them to spot the mistakes. This app can also be used to record your official presentations.

Best Prompter Pro offers BBcode text formatting and the flexibility when preparing your presentation notes. It does provide you with all kinds of useful information on your presentation to keep you on track (e.g. elapsed time, estimated time remaining). The markers are pretty useful too.

All in all, if you are looking for a tool that can help you go about performing your presentations the best way possible, Best Prompter Pro has you covered.

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