Block puzzles have been around for ever. Moving off blocks to open the way for a specific one sounds easy on the paper, but it can kill time like no other game. Blocks for iPad brings this puzzle to your tablet. The game is easy to pick up. You don’t have to read a large manual to get the app to work nor would you need too many controls to master this game. Just get the orange block off the board if you can.

As you can see in the above screen-shot, the game gives you options when it comes to puzzles and difficulty levels. You have 4 difficulty levels to choose from as well as 200 puzzles to tackle. The design is pretty clean and the game is as responsive as one would want it to be.

The first few levels are going to be easy. But things get more complicated from thereon. Once you finish a level, the very next level becomes unlocked. So you always have some incentive to finish those super hard puzzles.

Overall, a pretty solid iPad app if you are into these types of games.

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