Calc XT HD

Whether you are a college student or an engineer, you can always use a scientific calculator to get your work done faster. A couple of years ago, you’d have to pick up a scientific calculator to get the job done. But these days, you can just install a calculator app on your iPhone or iPad, and you are ready to go. Calc XT HD is a simple to use and functional calculator that turns your iPad into a scientific calculator and saves you money in the process.

Calc XT not only gives you access to a powerful scientific calculator on your iPad, it also comes with a memo pad to enable to write down your notes and thoughts. The can be used in scientific, or engineering mode, depending on your needs (normal and fixed modes are available as well). The memo pad comes with a pen, a highlighter, and an eraser. So you can write down your ideas and erase your mistakes easily.

The app saves your information when you close it. So you won’t lose your data by accident. You can use the app to easily transfer your data to your e-mail client and send it to others via e-mail.

Calc XT HD may not be a graphic calculator, but it does what it promises and can save you money as well. If you have an iPad, there is no reason you’d need a calculator as well.

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