Call a Taxi

Let’s face it. You won’t always have access to your car. You certainly do not want to be stuck when your car breaks down completely. Having a quick way to call a cab no matter where you are is pretty nice. That’s what Call a Taxi for iPad offers. It makes calling a taxi as quick as making a couple of taps.

Call a Taxi has an attractive interface. It puts the information of taxi companies right on your tablet. You get listings close to your location. The reviews are nice to go over too. The contact information are included to save you time getting on your way. The app lets you share and review cab businesses you have tried. The locations of businesses around you are shown on a map to give you a visual way to choose a cab business.

The free version of Call a Taxi is supported by ads. It is a nice to have on your iPad just in case you end up stuck on the road. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

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