Converter for iPad

If you have made your way to this side of the Ocean from Europe or an Asian country, you probably know that some of those metrics that you use in your country is not being used here. The metric system may be great in many countries around the world, but it is not used as widely in the U.S. You can always try to remember how to convert between units, but that could be a hassle when you need an answer fast. That’s where Converter for iPad comes into play. It’s a very simple to use and powerful iPad application that enables you to convert between currencies and measurement units in a flash.

Converter for iPad is a no nonsense application that can handle up to 76 measurement units and 8 types of them in total. So whether you want to convert length, weight, or speed units, this app has you covered. 63 currencies are covered in Converter and the rates are updated on a daily basis, giving you an easy way to stay on the top of currency conversion rates.

What’s impressive about this app is its interface. It’s very well designed and gives its users a quick way to convert between units and find what they are looking for fast. Whether you are interested in copying and pasting values or want to calculate multiple values at once, Converter has you covered.

A very solid converter app for iPhone.

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