Crossfit WOD Programmer for iPad

It is no secret that our bodies are smart biological machines. No matter how hard you exercise, if you are not taking time to add some variety to your routines, your body will get used to them. You may still lose weight and become stronger with your workouts but not at the same pace after a while. Crossfit WOD Programmer is a handy application that helps you take your workout to the next level and track your progress.


Crossfit WOD Programmer has a simple user interface. It lets you choose your workout routine based on the equipment you have available to you. Your workout routine can be adjusted based on the length of your training cycle, days you want to train on, and the priority you want to set for your exercises. Users can track and graph their results in this app as well.


Crossfit WOD Programmer is designed for iPhone but works fine on your iPad too. It has timers for you to use also. This app costs $2.99 at this point.

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