Debt Alert for iPad

The economy may be slowly improving. But we are far away from being out of the woods. In these times, what you don’t want to do is allow your debt to spiral out of control. The sooner you start paying off your debts, the better off you will be. Debt Alert for iPad is a useful tool that keeps track of your debts and uses the debt-snowball method to help you eliminate your debt.

Debt Alert has a user friendly UI. Its loan calculators and debt breakdown reports are useful. It reminds you when to pay your bills so you won’t incur any penalties. Want to figure out when your pay off date will be? No problem. The data you enter in this app is automatically sent to the cloud for backup. Data synchronization across multiple iOS devices is offered as well.

Debt Alert has plenty of convenient features to help you stay on the right track with your debt. Passcode protection is offered as well. Debt Alert looks elegant and has everything you need to prioritize and pay off your debt on time. It could save you some money in the long run.

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