Deep Whois for iOS

There are many ways you can go about researching domains, websites, and IP addresses. Searching WHOIS databases could give you a ton of useful information on those. You can use WHOIS websites to search for this information. Deep Whois for iOS is also capable of providing you with that on your handheld device.

Deep Whois lets you look up information on domains, IP addresses, IDNs, and ASNs. It keeps track of your history of lookups. You can group results and email them too. DeepWhois works with WiFi, 3G EDGE, and GPRS connections. The UI has a minimalist design and stays out of your way as you look up domains and IPs.

Keep in mind that Deep Whois was originally designed for iPhone but works fine on iPad. If you need to perform WHOIS lookup on the go, Deep Whois is worth picking up.

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