No matter how good your English is, you are going to need a decent dictionary from time to time to look up a word you don’t know its meaning. Besides, it never hurts to expand your vocabulary and learn more words that you can use on a daily basis. Thanks to Dictionary.com app for iPad, your dictionary is never more than a couple of taps away.

Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com gives you access to over 1 M word definitions and over 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. The app does not require you to be connected to the Internet to take advantage of it. Audio pronunciations come very handy if you don’t know how to pronounce a certain word (great for foreigners).

Dictionary.com has a very straight forward interface. Just enter the word that you want to look up and Dictionary.com will dig up its definition for you. As you are typing, the app provides you with suggestions. It also keeps track of the words you have searched for. This app provides you with example sentences and history of words too.

To sum things up, Dictionary.com is an excellent free dictionary app for iPad that can save you the trouble of carrying a dictionary with you all the time. It did crash on us a couple of times. Other than that, it delivered on its promise.

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