If you have used some of those top photography software solutions for your PC or Mac in the past, you have probably pulled off (or tried to) face-over effects with them. This kind of photo effect can be a lot of fun and entertaining to pull off. Faceover is an iPad app that does the same effect on your iPad. It makes it so easy to remove and replace portions of your photos on your iPad and iPhone (that means faces in your photos too).

All you need to get started with Faceover is a decent photo with a couple of faces in it. This app makes the rest of the process easily. Just copy/paste or swap faces as you see fit. You can define the area that you want to copy and move it over to the picture you want to modify. Save your new photo, and you are all set.

You want to have decent quality pictures to pull off this effect in a flawless fashion. But the effect should work for most photos. It’d be nice if the developers add more social/sharing features to this app. Still, it is one of the more entertaining photo effect app to play with on an iPad.

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