Favomatic for iPad

Have you ever visited a site that you have liked but forgot to write down? It is easy to lose great sites you find if you are not keeping track of them. Social bookmarking sites do let you keep track of all your favorite sites. Apps such as Favomatic help too. It is a user friendly application that keeps track of your favorite sites and saves you time visiting them every day.

The Favomatic app lets you create and manage launch buttons for your favorite sites. This is especially useful for new sites you visit every day. Each button will show you how much has elapsed since your last visit. The app lets you define a time limit and will dim the buttons for the sites you have visited recently. There are no limits on the number of buttons you can create.

Favomatic saves you time keeping up with the sites you like. If you have new sites you would like to visit every day, Favomatic can help with the process.

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