Fit Brains Trainer

Your brain is quite precious but it could become sluggish if you don’t put some effort into keeping it sharp. Many folks take time to exercise each and every day. Training your brain the right way each and every matters big time too. There are many braining training apps available on the market. Fit Brains Trainer is a pretty decent app that brings more than 360 unique training sessions to your tablet.

fits trainer

Fit Brains Trainer has enough exercises to improve your concentration, problem solving, memory, visual and speed. The app measures your performance across five major brain areas and allows you to compare your results against people in your age and gender demographics. Fit Brains Trainer uses an adaptive learning system to automatically scale the level of each brain game to your level.

fits brain

Fit Brains Trainer is free to get started with. The premium plan is pretty affordable too. It costs you $9.99 for 12 months. If you love apps such as Lumosity’s Brain Trainer, Fit Brains Trainer is worth checking out too.

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