Full Plate Diet

Book 2.0 is the future. People still read regular books but they want to be able to interact with their books and take advantage of enhanced content on their e-readers too. Apple iPad is the ultimate e-reader. It supports enhanced books and has apps that can help book junkies enjoy a more complete reading experience on their device. Full Plate Diet is an example of a book app that is a whole lot superior to its paper version.

Full Plate Diet is a powerful diet book that helps readers improve their diet and become more healthy in the process. Eating more is not always a bad thing as long as you are eating the right things (and watching the amount of calories you take in). That’s what this book is all about. By adding more fiber to your diet, you may be able to lose weight without having to count calories.

Full Plate Diet is an enhanced book. It has text and video content for you to go through to learn how to modify your diet. I found the tips in this book to be very helpful. These types of diets may not work for everyone, but if you are looking to change things around in your diet, Full Plate Diet’s tips can be helpful.

Full Plate Diet looks quite gorgeous and shows the potential of iPad books. Kindle books are OK, but they don’t hold a candle to iPad ones. With all the videos, recipes, and charts you get with this app, you should have no trouble implementing some of the tips in this book in your life.

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