GoDocs for iPad

Google Docs is one of the best online solutions to manage documents and keep track of your spreadsheets and presentations. While you can use Google Docs’ official page on your iPad, it’d be nice to have an app that provides you with a more refined interface. GoDocs for iPad is such an app. It’s a very intuitive Google Docs viewer for iPad that lets you manage multiple accounts and download your files to your iPad. You can even manipulate your files and synchronize changes with your account.

GoDocs enables you to interact with and get your information from your Google Docs account more quickly. You can work with PDF and all other file types right on your iPad. You can download your documents to your iPad without having to go through yet another app. Renaming and emailing your documents is pretty straight forward too.

As mentioned earlier, this app can sync your documents with your Google Docs accounts. So you won’t have to deal with different versions of your documents. The app even lets you use multiple Google Docs account simultaneously. Having the ability to manage document versions easily is useful too.

We did have a few issues opening some of our documents. The app worked perfectly with presentation files, but it did fail to open 2 of our document files. The good news is you can always use other apps to open files that you have downloaded using the “Open In” feature. It would also be nice if one could remove a file online and have the app delete it from iPad.

If you are a heavy Google Docs user and want to manage your accounts more conveniently on your iPad, GoDocs for iPad is a must have. It has a very nice interface and is quit fast. It does a couple of minor issues. Overall, it does deliver what it promises.


interface, options, speedminor file issues

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