Hopscotch HD: Visual Programming for Kids

Bringing a child into this world is an enlightening experience. Your job as a parent is not just to feed and entertain your children but to also provide them with education and an environment that lets their creativity fly. The Hopscotch HD app is a beautiful tool that uses a visual programming language to tests your child’s creativity.


Hopscotch HD uses a visual programming language that works by dragging and dropping. The app won’t make your child a master C or JAVA programmer but helps get your child interested in this field. Considering that coding is going to play a big role in our world in the upcoming years, it is never too early to get your child started. Hopscotch HD is engaging and fun as your kids build their own creations.


The Hopscotch HD app is an educational tool to get your kids interested in the art of programming. It is available for free at the time of this writing. It is only available for the iPad though.

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