iBP-Blood Pressure

Tracking your blood pressure is must-do especially when you get older. The more you take time to track your health, the better chance you have of catching potential health issues before they become huge problems for you. Thanks to iBP-Blood Pressure, you can track your blood pressure values on your iPad. What’s especially nice about iBP-Blood Pressure is the fact that it works with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor device.

iBP-Blood Pressure lets you enter your information and find out whether your values are normal or high. It provides you with historical graph to show you how much progress you have been making. If you have a blood pressure monitor device, you can import your data easily. Those of you who do not have such a device will find entering your data into this app quite convenient.

iBP-Blood Pressure calculates Mean Arterial and Plus Pressure. Your reading of the past are easily accessible. This tool works for multiple users. It lets you export your data in HTML, CSV, and text. Don’t want strangers to get access to your data? Just password protect it.

iBP-Blood Pressure is a handy blood pressure analysis tool for iPad. If you happen to own a Withings Blood Pressure monitor, you are going to enjoy this application even more. It is not that expensive which is nice.

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